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The Family Business

New York Bagels is NZ’s Original Boiled Bagel Company. With family ties to the Big Apple, the founder spent 2 whole years learning the art of authentic Bagel making at a top New York Bagelry. On arriving back to NZ, he opened the first NZ Bagelry at the renowned Greenlane location in Auckland in 1995.

Purchasing the New York Bagels company off the original founder in 1999, Dave Watson’s passion for good food couldn’t keep him and his wife Joy away from this fantastic opportunity. Having already spent years as a qualified chef and manager for Air New Zealand In-flight Catering, Dave knew quality when he saw it.

Starting from the original retail outlet, it was plain to see what all the fuss was about. People would come from all over to get their fix of fresh boiled New York Bagels. >>